Prospect Of Automatic Balancing Machine

If you want to know the development prospects of the fully automatic balancing machine, you need to understand the brief history of the development of the balancing machine, so that you can understand the balancing machine industry from the shallower to the deeper:

In 1866, the German company Siemens invented the generator. Four years later, Canadian Henry Martinson applied for a patent for balancing technology, which kicked off the balance correction industry. In 1907, Dr. Franz Lawaczek provided improved balancing techniques to Mr. Carl Schenck, who produced the first double-plan balancing machine in 1915. Until the end of the 1940s, all balancing processes were based on purely mechanical balancing equipment.

It has been more than 100 years old from the manufacture of balancing machine. However, the history of the development of balancing machines is mainly in recent decades. Below we talk about the development of China's balancing machine industry in recent years.

It is reported that the fully automatic balancing machine is the key supporting equipment in the production process of high-precision rotating parts. The rotating parts are the core components of the rotating equipment, belonging to the basic industrial parts, with wide application range and high industrial relevance. Vigorously develop manufacturing services such as local automatic balancing machines and supporting basic industries, provide support for the upgrading and transformation of China's rotating parts, rotating equipment and manufacturing industries, and reduce the dependence of related industries on imported equipment. This is the direction that the state supports and encourages development. It is encouraged and supported by national policies and relevant departments at all levels.

In the history of the development of balance machines, foreign development is one step ahead of China. From the perspective of the global market, foreign companies will have high brand awareness and market influence, therefore, they have a high market share in the world and in China.

However, with the continuous improvement of China's requirements for measuring instrument manufacturing and the country's strong support for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, China's domestic balancing machine manufacturers have achieved rapid development in recent years, and have certain technical and market advantages in some areas. China's balancing machine manufacturing enterprises continue to squeeze the market share of foreign companies by virtue of service and product cost-effectiveness, and also have certain popularity and market influence in some market sectors.

Therefore, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine is also constantly producing and manufacturing automatic balancing machine series  to seize the opportunity of the development trend of the balancing machine industry. At the same time, it is not only aimed at continuously improving the quality of its products, but also constantly improving the buyer experience!