Pump Impeller, Tech Info For Automatic Balancing

Pump impeller automatic balancing machine, as the name suggests, is a masterpiece balanced service of the fully automated equipment, to achieve the pump impeller balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling and re-testing all parts of the automation.


What is the impeller?


Pump impeller id made of cast iron. The blades on the pump impeller also play a major role. The shape and size of the pump impeller are closely related to the performance of the pump. Pump impeller can be divided into single suction and double suction. Single suction impeller is for the unilateral water, small flow pump impeller for this type. Double suction impeller is for both sides of the water. Large flow pump impeller are used double suction impeller.
Impeller as the core component of the pump is the main factor that affects the efficiency of the pump. The impeller through the motor drive rotation, so that the media (water) received centrifugal force or lifting force, so that the medium has mechanical kinetic energy. In the specific conditions, if the impeller design is not good or no good balance of stability,it will be in the pump inlet and leaves at the water loss and space loss. The pump impeller automatic balancing machine will be able to provide a balanced check to the pump impeller, to improve its stability, quality improvement.


Classification of Centrifugal Pump Impeller


Centrifugal pump impeller mainly has in the following four forms, closed, first half open, the latter half open, and open.
1, closed impeller: the blade and the front and rear cover composition. Closed impeller manufacturing are more difficult, more efficient. Closed impeller is used in centrifugal pumps. Suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other small viscosity-free cleaning fluid.
2, semi-open impeller: generally have two structures. The first is half open type, composed of the rear cover and the blade, the structure of the impeller is low efficiency, in order to improve the efficiency, it needs to use the adjustable gap seal ring. The other is the latter half of the open, from the front cover and the blade composition. Due to the application of closed pump and the same seal ring, the efficiency and the closed impeller is basically the same, and leaves in addition to transport liquid, but also has a back blade or Auxiliary impeller seal effect. The semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids such as solid particles and fibers. Semi-open impeller manufacturing is less difficult, low cost, and adaptability, in recent years in the application of centrifugal pumps in the petrochemical industry gradually increased, and for the delivery of water and similar water.
3, open impeller: only the blade without front and rear cover of the impeller. The number of leaves of the open impeller is less, only 2-5 slices. Pump impeller has low efficiency, less application, mainly for the transmission of high viscosity liquid and slurry liquid.
Impeller can be the role of centrifugal force to the energy transfer to the pump liquid, so that the liquid speed and pressure to enhance the discharge of the liquid, the stability of the level and quality of the water pump will have a greater impact on the overall. As a leader in the balancing machine industry, Jianping in the analysis of the market and customer needs after the completion of the pump impeller automatic balancing machine R & D and production to meet customer specific needs.


impeller automatic balancing machines

JP pump impeller automatic balancing machine product features

1.  15-inch touch screen, human-computer interaction experience.
2.  Balanced machine measurement software advanced.
3.  Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic re-test
4.  The part be more than twice to re-correction.
5.  Steel machine-type structure design, high service life.


In addition to the production of pump impeller automatic balancing machine in addition to a variety of parts for a variety of balancing machines for customers to choose. Jian Ping with you feel better balance machine, better balance service.