Reasons For Selecting Jp Centrifugal Fan Balancing Machine

Jp centrifugal fan balancing machines will be the first consideration for more and more centrifugal fan manufacturers in the purchase of balancing machines,  What is the charm of centrifugal fan balance? What are the unique advantages?

Before introducing Jp Centrifugal Fan Balancing Machine, we may wish to make a brief introduction to Centrifugal Fan

The impeller plays a very important role in the operation of centrifugal fans. The centrifugal fan balancer is the main balancing testing equipment for centrifugal impeller and fan

Centrifugal fan balancing machine---universal joint balancing machine

For larger centrifugal impeller, you can use Jp universal joint balancing machine for balancing correction.

Jp balancing machine provide universal joint balancing machine, you can balance rotor weight up to 30000KG ,diametrer 2800 mm , mainly used in large and medium-sized centrifugal impeller, fan impeller balancing.

Universal Centrifugal Fan Balancing MachineFeatures

1. A calibration, permanent use, allowing a very high initial imbalance;

2. Universal coupling drive, power transmission smoothly;

3. For the rotor can not be used outside the circle with a ring gear or requires a lot of transmission power.

Centrifugal fan balancing machine----belt drive balancing machine

Centrifugal fan impeller for small and medium-sized, the use of jp belt drive balancing machine with a series of balance tasks can be achieved.

The belt drive balancing machines manufactured by Shanghai Jianping are all designed, manufactured and tested under the ISO and the customer's standard requirements. They are based on the most mature technologies currently available and are faster than other machines.

Belt drive centrifugal fan balancing machine features

1. Specially designed bracket, effective transmission of mechanical force, solid and reliable, small vibration damping, good rigidity;

2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable;

3 permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision;

4. Belt drive structure, higher measurement accuracy, more convenient to use.

Whether it is for large medium-sized or small fan impeller, Jian Ping can provide the appropriate balancing machine to provide services to customers, not only that, Jianping centrifugal fan balancing machines are in the context of various international standards for research and development and manufacturing , High precision and good product quality, which is why so many customers will choose Jianping centrifugal fan balancing machine reasons.