“Root For Quality, Foundation On Honesty”-single-plane Vertical Balancing Machine

Vertical balancing machine refers to the balancing machine that drives the vertical installation of the spindle. The measuring principle is basically the same as that of a universal horizontal balancing machine, but also soft support, hard support, single-sided, double-sided, but it is suitable for parts without a spindle. Its drive spindle is a vertical installation. Suitable for testing all kinds of parts without spindle, such as flywheel, grinding wheel, pulley, clutch, turbine disk, tire, fan and so on.

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Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine provides a standard range of vertical balancing machines that can be in one plane (static) or two planes (dynamic). The maximum weight of the rotor that the vertical balancing machine can balance is 200 kg. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special vertical balancing machines that can fit all types of rotors.


Shanghai Jianping balancing machines are designed, manufactured and tested under the requirements of ISO and customer's factories. The company uses the latest proven technology to provide unmatched accuracy and repeatability faster than any other machine on the market.

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Shanghai Jianping vertical balancing machine adopts the electric measurement system advanced by Jianping, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 kinds of support methods, plus the addition of weight, positive and negative can be flexibly customized, using multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, shifting No skipping, double filtering of software and hardware, high-speed data compression, stabler, more accurate and faster measurement, specialization of the calibration interface, easier maintenance, up to 10 segments for scaling, real-time verification of calibration coefficients, and The system linear graph, the measurement shows the balance quantity and the angle unit can be customized, the display precision can also be arbitrarily customized, realizing the unit real-time conversion, in order to meet the different customer needs.