Rotor Balancing Plays A Decisive Role In The Motor

After the balancing of the rotor of the balancing machine, the rotor can be weighted and weighted according to the need to balance the rotor: The so-called weighting method is to equip the rotor in the opposite direction of the imbalance. The deduplication method removes a certain amount of weight in an unbalanced direction. Commonly used methods include boring, drilling, chiseling, milling, grinding, and the like.

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Shanghai Jianping balancing machines are designed, manufactured and tested under the requirements of ISO, CE and customer's factory standards. The company uses the latest proven technology to provide unmatched accuracy and repeatability, faster than other machines on the market.

Automatic Balancing Correction Machines a special electric measuring system, diversified measuring methods, dynamic and static balance, and up to 10 kinds of support modes. It can be customized flexibly by adding or removing weights and forwards and backwards. High measurement accuracy, multiple calibration factor combinations, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, no jumps in shifts, double hardware and software filtering, high speed data compression, more stable, accurate, and faster measurement.

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Mainly used for rotor balance measurement and correction of rotor and end face weight removal, and can be connected to rotor production line for automated production



1.Balance and correction can be finished at a time,Just need one person for it
2.Production takt is faster,Once reduction rate is higher
3.Easy to replace product,Only need to replace products fixture and adjust sensor position
4.Man-Machine interface,It has memory function for production capacity and real-time production information
5.Rigidity structure design,with a longer use life
6.Applicable for pump and end face-removal weight products balancing correction,it is used for rotor production line to achieve automatic production