Rotor Driven Torque Set Up In Rotating Balance

Driving system is one of the three major systems in balancing machine drive, display measurement, support. Balanced drive system, not only can affect the balance machine performance at full load to work to the rated working speed, and requires economic, reliable and easy to control. In addition, in the high precision balance machine, it also requires a smooth drive in some fixed-speed work of the balancing machine, the stability of the required speed performance. The motor drive power shall ensure that the balancing machine has a sufficiently large starting torque and shall have the ability to operate the balancer at the maximum full load to the desired balance speed. The drive stability should ensure that the balancing machine rotates smoothly, that is, the effect of the instability caused by the drive on the unbalanced signal should be limited to a minimum. Acceleration time and deceleration time In order to improve the balance efficiency of the balancing machine, the acceleration and deceleration time of the rotor should be reduced as much as possible. In this way, in the speed range should be set according to the situation of the speed changer or reducer. The speed range drive system should be able to meet the requirements of the balancing machine speed range, in particular, should be able to achieve the maximum speed of the balance machine.


The main work of the machine should consider the following two aspects of the machine, one is working rated speed, another is continuous speed control. Usually, when the flexible rotor is subjected to dynamic balancing, the fineness and stability requirements of the machine speed are high. For rigid rotors, the requirements can be reduced accordingly. The operation of the machine with two or more drive systems are technically achievable, further consideration should be given to the specific operating characteristics of the balancing machine, such as the ease of handling the rotor and then the choice of the drive mode. When selecting the drive motor of the balancing machine, the following should be considered for the rotor speed range and the required torque. Different types of rotors need different balance speed for the rigid rotor and flexible rotor, the twos have a greater difference. Therefore, when selecting the power of the drive motor, cares must be taken to balance the balancing machine.