Semi-automatic Car Condensing Fan Dynamic Balancing Machine

The automobile condensing fan balancing machine is a balancing device designed and developed by Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for the car condensing fan. It mainly tests the dynamic balance of the car condensing fan. By performing dynamic balance test under the set speed, the size and position of the unbalance amount are measured, and the weight is adjusted according to the customer's demand, thereby reducing the unbalance amount to meet the customer's demand.

Quality products need to be completed with a high-precision balancing machine. Shanghai Jianping Automobile Condensing Fan Dynamic Balancing Machine uses technology to improve the quality of the condensing fan, making driving and travel more comfortable.


Car condensing fan dynamic balancing machine

Mainly used in automotive engine cooling fans, the overall balance of the water tank cooling fan assembly.

This machine adopts 12-inch touch screen and powerful JP800 balance software.

The machine can also test the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters while measuring the dynamic balance.

Multi-functional fixtures can be adapted to more varieties, pneumatic quick chucks can clamp workpieces more quickly, greatly improving work efficiency