Several Factors For Purchasing Balancing Machines

The balancing machine is used to measure the size and position of the unbalanced amount of the rotating object to improve the mass distribution of the equilibrated rotor so that the vibration of the journal or the force acting on the bearing during the operation of the rotor is reduced to a prescribed range. So what time do we need to consider the balancing machine when we buy the balancing machine? How to buy really suitable for their own balance machine it


Jp balancing machine here or to introduce basic knowledge of balancing machines, in order to help you to purchase of balancing machines


What is the role of the balancing machine?

Balancing machine is used to determine the rotor imbalance , the balance machine is a hard bearing balancing machine, bracket stiffness is very large, with the dynamic balancing machine,The vibration on the bearing is reduced to within the allowable range to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration, improving performance and improving product quality.

The role of dynamic balance is:

1, to improve the quality of the rotor and its products; reduce noise;

2, reduce vibration.

3, to improve the bearing parts (bearing) life.

4, reduce the user's discomfort.

5, reduce product power consumption.

Dynamic balancing machine is divided into two kinds of soft support and hard support. Compared to the two, the bracket of soft bearing balancer is relatively soft. In the process of starting and stopping the drive shaft, bracket of the soft bearing balancer will have a very obvious vibration, bracket of hard support has no such phenomenon. In theory, the soft bearing balancing machine can get a higher test accuracy. However, this is only in a very sophisticated test to distinguish. For the drive shaft balancer, the hard support can achieve the accuracy is far beyond the actual needs. If it is found that the accuracy of a drive shaft balancing machine can not meet the requirements, it must be the result of other factors. In the factors that affect the balance of precision, soft and hard support is only a negligible factor. But there are three main factors that affect the accuracy of the balancing machine

Factors that affect the prescision of balancer , soft and hard support is only a negligible factor. But there are three main factors that affect the accuracy of the balancing machine

Three factors that affect the accuracy of the balancing machine:

1, connection between workpiece and the balancing machine ;

2, low speed and high speed: the use of soft support of the balancing machine, the speed must reach more than 3 times the resonant speed to detect (the higher the speed the higher the weight loss), so generally use a higher speed. Hard support of the balance machine, the speed must be less than 3 times the resonant speed to work, so generally use a lower speed (especially heavy drive shaft);

3, Weight loss factor: If the weight ratio of the balancing machine is relatively high, you can use a smaller number of turns to complete the balance, can greatly improve work efficiency, so that the balancing processing can be more convenient


It is very important to consider the quality problem when purchasing the balancing machine. This is why the three factors that affect the precision of the balancing machine are listed.

Of course, in addition to quality problems, Jp balancing machine remind you to buy a balance machine when we have to take care of economic problems, do not blindly choose high-priced products.

Jp balancing machine hope that every customer can buy balance machinessuitable for themself, so that the workpiece will  have much higher quality