Shandong Office Of Jp Balancing Machine

On December 5, 2018, Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine re-transmitted good news. The Shandong office officially set sail for the Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine and added a new member. On the same day, a grand unveiling ceremony was held. The Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine has once again taken a new step, and the Shandong office has officially put into operation.


At the ceremony, Mr. Wang, General Manager of Shanghai Jianping, Manager Cheng of Sales Department of Shanghai, Manager Xu of Guangdong Office, Manager Gou of Southwest Office, Manager Chen of Shandong Office and Engineers gathered at No. 1022, Beitun Road, Lisong District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China The 3rd floor of the B2 Building of the Creative Industry Park, in a warm atmosphere, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, and the attendees also offered a message and heartfelt blessings.

Shanghai Jianping is based in Shanghai and faces the whole country. It actively responds to the national One Belt and One Road policy and sells its products to Europe, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries. It is highly praised and enhances the competitiveness of the company and the long-term development of the company. Created conditions.

Since the establishment of Shanghai Jianping, it has always won by quality and won the recognition of the market and the respect of the industry! In any era, the grinding and research of products is an important part of production. Shanghai Jianping knows this well, so every part of its production has undergone strict checks. With its superb technology, the balance machine quality is produced. It is well-received and is recognized worldwide as a well-known company in the field of balancing machine equipment.

Nowadays, the world's automobiles, motors, wind turbines, air conditioners, internal combustion engines, aerospace and other industries are booming, and the demand for balancing equipment is increasing. In the above-mentioned fields, the balancing machine equipment can often play an important role, and the correction of some unbalanced workpieces can achieve the purpose of reducing vibration, improving performance and improving product quality. In this regard, Shanghai Jianping attaches great importance to brand building, utilizes professional technology, introduces a professional talent construction system, and continuously explores a series of measures such as innovative design and precise positioning through good technology to continuously upgrade the balance of different customer needs. Testing requirements.

All along, Shanghai Jianping has not stopped the pace of development, continued to do a good job in customer service, expand production capacity, and establish offices in the country, showing its solid strength. The establishment of the Shandong office will continue to create the development path of Shanghai Jianping brand. The industry believes that after Jianping enters Shandong, it will follow the changing market environment and adhere to the concept of healthy and steady development. Blooming bloom! Looking forward to Shanghai Jianping to re-enact a new chapter in 2019!