In the first phase, on May 15-17, 2019, Shanghai Jianping's 6th Shanghai International Thermal Management Technology Application Expo was held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition aims to develop and innovate. After the development and precipitation of the first five sessions, it has become an international brand exhibition with strong appeal and influence in China's manufacturing industry. The event also gathered outstanding enterprises in the thermal management technology industry, industry elites, government departments and university research institutes, etc.

Shanghai Jianping and the balance machine participated in the event, booth number: 217. Entering the booth, you see the main products of our exhibition, PHQ-G5 belt drive  balance machinePRZS-5H car heater balancing machine. It is mainly used in the thermal management technology industry to make the dynamic balancing work more efficient and to add protection to product quality.
The following introduces you to this exhibition


Dynamic balance detection for rotating workpieces of various types of small power tool rotors, permanent magnet motor rotors, rotor cups, couplings, generator rotors, opening rollers, shafts, supercharger rotors, etc.

PRZS-5H car heater balancing machine
The heater balancer is suitable for balance correction of automotive heaters.
The crowds were on the booth, and the exhibitors actively participated in the product technology exchanges. They all expressed their recognition and cooperation intentions for Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine technology.

Professionally created the brand, Shanghai Jianping never stopped creating. The dynamic balancing machine developed by our company has not only won domestic honors and praises, but also has been recognized by overseas markets and exported to Europe, America, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries. Promote the development of dynamic balancing machine technology and help the innovation of thermal management technology application

Longteng Fengji, the smooth progress of the exhibition once again proved that China's thermal management technology is growing. Shanghai Jianping would like to thank you for your visit. In the future, we will continue to make efforts to continuously innovate, provide fresh energy for the dynamic balancing machine technology field, and promote technological innovation!