Single-Plane Vertical Pneumatic Balancer Highlights


a.  The use of designed pneumatic spindle, with a dedicated special fixture, this combination can be said that almost perfect. The pneumatic release clamps allow balancer to save more time while loading and unloading, and the special fixture reduces the labor intensity of the staff and improves the productivity compared to the rigid elastic fixture.


b. It is not fully automatic balancing machine that can achieve the goal of mass production. This single-plane vertical pneumatic spindle balancer for a wide range of applications, and is very suitable for mass production of the work piece, as long as the operator familiar with the specific operational procedures, you can understand the advantages between the other with the general balance.


c. The use of variable frequency motor drive. Variable frequency motor under standard environmental conditions, with 100% of the rated load in the 10% to 100% of the rated speed range of continuous operation, the temperature rise does not exceed their own calibration allowable value. In the case of variable frequency motors, it is possible to more easily realize stepless speed regulation and to expand the capacity to achieve high speed and high voltage operation. Smooth over-acceleration and deceleration process, so that balance more efficient and safe.