Sit In The Right Seat-Balancing Machine Specially For Turbocharger

Turbocharger is actually an air compressor, through the compressed air to increase intake. It is the use of exhaust emissions from the engine inertial momentum to promote the turbine chamber turbine, turbine and co-axial impeller, the impeller pressure sent by the air filter pipe air, so that the pressure into the cylinder.

When the engine speed increases, the exhaust emission speed and the turbine speed also increase simultaneously, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, the air pressure and density increase can burn more fuel, the corresponding increase in fuel quantity and adjust the engine speed, You can increase the engine's output power.

Turbocharger Balancing Machine Specially:

1.Widely used in balancing turbocharger, turbocharger impellers,turbocharger compressors ,turbocharger turbines etc .
2.Auto-positioning bed,17inch LCD screen,large tool carriage structure
3.Dedicated bracket,driven by Nylon belt ,variable speed motor 230W

Working environment of the turbocharger is very conditional, especially the end of the turbocharger exhaust gas turbine is not only in the high speed, high temperature, is also under high pressure work, so the turbocharger dynamic balance correction machine is very necessary.

 In order to allow the turbocharger and rotor to maintain a better performance and a better operation, JP Balancing Machine designed and produced a special soft-bearing turbocharger rotor balancing machine, to 0.5KG the following types of cars by Compressor rotor for balance correction.

The general balancing machine, turbocharger rotor balancing machine requires the turbocharger size and machine data synchronization. The use of roller support, soft support pendulum design and special fixtures, can very easily rotor clamping and fixed, but also to ensure balance accuracy and balance efficiency, with a good balance of equipment, booster, to ensure that the car power .