Causes and solutions For Industrial Fan Impellers Balancing

As a universal mechanical equipment, the industrial fans is mainly used in mine, underground engineering, underground power plant ventilation; boiler ventilation and air intake; high temperature corrosive gas emission from chemical plants; ventilation of workshop and atomic protection equipment. Fans are widely used, in short, to assist in full combustion, ventilation and transportation, and involve almost all areas of the national economy.Since we entering the 21st century, with the continuous advancement of technology, the requirements for industrial fans have become higher and higher, and the dynamic balancing of industrial fans has emerged.


Normally, 70% vibration failures of rotating machine were due to the imbalance of the rotor, so here we mainly discuss the imbalance of the industrial fan impeller.

The main reason for the imbalance of the fan impeller:
1. Impeller dust accumulate and oxidation
(1) Fan impellers in mines, boilers and dusty workshops are most prone to such problems. Particles such as dust in the air will attached to the impeller blades day by day, and these dusts are unlikely to adhere uniformly to the impeller, so causing the impeller unbalance.

(2) The surface of the impeller is easily oxidized at high temperature, and forms a thick oxide skin after oxidation. The bonding force between these skins and the surface of the impeller is not uniform, and some skins will automatically fall off due to vibration or centrifugal force. Is also a cause of impeller unbalance

Therefore, whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean, and the dust and rust on the impeller blade must be brushed regularly.


2. Impeller wear

Some large particles of dust and fine particles will pass through the fan impeller with high temperature and high-speed flue gas, which impact the impeller day by day, causing blade wear and scratches at the exit of the blade. At this time, the impeller need to do balance or be replaced.

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