Special Balancing Machine The Rotor In The Rotating State Of The Dynamic Balance Of The Test

The special balancing machine is used to determine the rotor imbalance of the instrument, according to the measurement results to be corrected to improve the balance of the mass distribution of the rotor, so that the rotor rotation of the journal or the role of the bearing force reduced to the required range The An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary, the balance is the rotor in the rotating state of dynamic balance test.

Balanced machine drive the way: drag the rotor drive with a circle with drag, the coupling drag and self-drive. The belt is dragged by the rubber ring belt or silk ring belt, dragged by the motor pulley rotor, so the circle drag the rotor surface must have a smooth cylindrical surface, the advantages of circle with the drag does not affect the rotor unbalance , High precision balance. Coupling is the use of universal joints will balance the spindle and the rotor connected. Couplings are characterized by suitable for the appearance of the irregular rotor, you can pass a larger torque, suitable for drag the fan and other large wind resistance of the rotor, the link drag the shortcomings of the coupling itself is the amount of imbalance The rotor has an effect (so the coupling should be balanced before use), will also introduce interference to the balance of precision, in addition to do a lot of connection plate to adapt to different types of rotor. Self-driving is the use of the rotor's own power rotation. Self-driven is the least impact on the balance of the drag, the balance of precision up to the highest, but only the structure allows a special rotor to use this drag.

The main performance of the balancing machine is: the minimum balance of the residual balance of the balance of the balance of the two comprehensive indicators, the former is the balance of the rotor to achieve the minimum balance of the amount of unbalanced, it is the balance of the balance of the highest balance of the indicators ; The latter is the ratio of the unbalanced amount to the initial unbalance after a correction.

The role of dynamic balance is:

1, to improve the quality of the rotor and its products; reduce noise;

2, reduce vibration;

3, to improve the bearing parts (bearing) life;

4, reduce the user's discomfort;

5, reduce product power consumption.