Summary 3 Ways To Correct CrankShaft

Crankshaft Automatic Balance

Crankshaft is not a regular rotor in the structure and working conditions compared with any other rotors. It doesn’t have a random position that can be de-weighted and the drilling can only be carried out in a certain fixed position or range. The ends of the connecting shaft on both sides and the middle main shaft are provided with fan-shaped balance blocks. Crankshafts are composed of different combinations with horizontal bar, parallel bars, three cylinders and four cylinders. Different crankshafts have to use different balance methods. In the case of horizontal bar, single or three-cylinder crankshafts are asymmetrical work piece. Due to disengagement from the connecting rod, the balance of the inertia objectives has to consider the inertial force in each cranks.


We know that the unbalanced mass in any rigid rotor can be converted into two equal parts on the planes that are perpendicular to the axis of rotation without coinciding with each other. In the balance process, especially in the detection of residual unbalance, balance consequence should be serious in counting regarding the stability of the test data.


The particularity of the crankshaft can be summarized and there are three ways to correct to balance:
a.    Two sides (120 degrees) coordinates, can also be used general rotor balance.
b.    Five-sided (120 degrees) coordinates, for six-cylinder crankshaft (fixed point to weight).
c.    Three (90 degrees) coordinates, for four-cylinder crankshaft (fixed-point to heavy).


Crankshaft automatic balancing machine is applied on four-cylinder or six-cylinder crankshaft balance correction. The machine installed with the latest technology. Work piece in the balance of measurement, angle positioning, drilling and re-measuring are realized with all the implementation of automation.


Crankshaft Balancing Machines with Parts


Benefits in Summary:


Simple operation, easy to use, precision, suitable for small batch production.


Balanced machine measurement software advanced.


Soft bearing high precision balance measurement system.


Can be more than twice the work piece to re-correction.


Steel machine type structure design, high service life.


Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic re-test.