Take You Into The World Of Balance Machines

According to the balancing machine measuring on rotor unbalance correction can improve the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the axis, causes the rotor to spin with vibration or vibration force acting on the bearing is reduced to within the allowed range. Therefore, the balancing machine is to reduce vibration and improve performance and improve the quality of the essential equipment.

Centrifugal balancing machines is under rotor rotation, according to rotor-bearing vibration caused by imbalance or acting on the bearing vibration measurement of imbalance.

Centrifugal balancing machines by supporting different characteristics, can be divided into soft bearing balancing machine and hard bearing balancing machine. Balancing speed higher than the natural frequency of rotor-bearing system referred to as soft bearing balancing machine. This balance of stiffness of small vibration sensors detect the signal and supports proportional to displacement. Balancing speed lower than the natural frequency of rotor-bearing system known as hard-bearing balancing machines, this balance of stiffness, sensors detect the signal proportional to the bearing vibrations.

According to the needs of mass production, can automatically complete the balance of the rotor of the specific measure and balance correction of automatic balancing machine and automatic balance, Hyundai has a lot of equipment in automobile manufacturing, motor manufacturing and other industrial sectors.


JP balancing machine PHLD series are applicable for clutch pressure plate, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, fan, saw blade, grinding wheel, chuck, flange etc

Because of using pneumatic inflate clamps, so has a very high accuracy at the same time, also has a quick-release clamping function, it improves work efficiency greatly.