Technology And Technical Characteristics Of Automatic Balancing Machine

  Technology and technical characteristics of automatic balancing Machine

  01 Technical level

  The development and design of automatic balancing machine is a comprehensive application of multidisciplinary knowledge and has high technical requirements. Local enterprises are generally small, technology reserves, research and development methods and experimental environment compared to foreign enterprises still have gaps. With the theoretical research of many universities and scientific research institutes in our country, at the same time, more and more enterprises devote themselves to the research and development of automatic balancing machines, some enterprises have made significant technological breakthroughs and the industry's overall technical level has been upgraded.

  02 Technical Features

  From the discipline knowledge, the automatic balancing machine has the speciality and the comprehensive characteristic; from the product design, the automatic balancing machine design has both the custom characteristic and the general requirement; From the Operation application, the automatic balancing machine has the features of complex function and simple and convenient.

  1 strong industry and comprehensive skill requirements

  Full-automatic balancing machine is a comprehensive application of multi-disciplinary technology, its research and development and design needs the professional knowledge of various disciplines, also need to integrate the skills of various disciplines, with professional and comprehensive dual characteristics.

  2 customization features take into account the universality requirements

  Different structure, material and use of the rotary parts have different balance characteristics, the automatic Balancing Machine test unit and the design requirements of the correction unit is also different, need different design plan to meet its balance needs.

  Automatic Balancing Machine Application field is more and more extensive, this requires enterprises in the product development, design and upgrade, the refinement of common technology, taking into account other application areas of product development and design needs, for the development of more new products to facilitate, to meet the continuous development of enterprises and the need for scale expansion, so fully automatic balancing machine product development and design has a common requirement.

  More than 3 multi-functional and simplified operation requirements

  Automatic balancing machine is a typical intelligent equipment, including many sophisticated electronic components, mechanical structure and intelligent control system, with digital and intelligent features, but also requires simple and convenient operation, reduce personnel technical requirements and control difficulties, to meet the different levels of enterprise operation and maintenance needs. It not only requires simple operation interface and convenient parameter implantation process, but also realizes the complex equipment function, which puts forward the superb design requirement for the automatic balancing Machine enterprise.