The 5th China Chengdu International Fan Industry Exhibition

With the development of the industrial level, the requirements for industrial production and working environment are getting higher and higher, and the fan equipment is widely used, and has been widely used in many fields such as factory buildings, warehouses, shops, and related public places. In addition, the national “13th Five-Year Plan” development plan proposes to reduce the energy consumption per unit of GDP. Therefore, it is imperative for enterprises to use energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.


In this context, the 5th Fan Exhibition invites wind turbine manufacturers to showcase new cutting-edge technologies and products in the world of wind turbine technology development at home and abroad, and is committed to creating a practical, professional and international market and promotion for the Chinese wind turbine industry. Marketing platform


Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also participated in this exhibition, booth number: Hall A21/22. This Shanghai Jianping and universal joint dynamic balancing machine is widely used in large and medium-sized motor rotors, blowers, centrifugal impellers, and other rotating body parts. It has large driving power, high precision and convenient operation.


At the exhibition site, the Shanghai Jianping universal joint balancing machine caused the attention of the wind turbine industry. They stopped to visit and asked about the characteristics and usage of the universal balancing machine. In response, the staff of Shanghai Jianping patiently answered the questions and showed the customers the specific operation methods and functions of the universal balancing machine.

It is believed that with the successful convening of the 5th China International Fan Exhibition in 2019, the influence of Shanghai Jianping will continue to expand. With the support of high technology, we will help the “China Zhizhi 2025” and believe that Shanghai Jianping can provide more dynamic balancing solutions for major wind turbine enterprises.