The Balancing Machine Should Be Used After Calibration

After installing the balancing machine, the calibration value should be checked for error, if there is a large out and out, should be calibrated before use. After the installation is completed, according to the requirements of the power supply voltage specified by the balancing machine, the power supply should be connected at the same time, the protection ground of the workshop should be firmly connected with the special protection grounding of the balancing machine to ensure personal safety. At the same time the electrical box power supply, sensors, photoelectric head and other plugs and socket one by one corresponding to the connection, and carefully check not inserted wrong.

The balancing machine should be placed in the proper working environment. In the installation of the application level correction in both vertical and horizontal direction of the level. Generally at 0.2 / 1000. The base of the base and the cement ground are fixed with anchor bolts. Balancing machine in the installation to carefully check the bottom of the bed and the cement base are not allowed to have any debris, such as small washers, small screws, small pieces of wood and other pad into, so as not to affect the performance of the machine. The lifting load of the lifting equipment should be greater than the weight of the balancing machine. In the lifting should pay attention to lifting the rope can not touch the support frame on the roller frame, so as not to affect the use of support frame damage. Close to the wire rope should be padded with wood or felt items to prevent scratching the paint surface. But also to achieve lifting balance.

Balanced machine is now a lot of applications, such as balancing machine on behalf of the machine. But when you choose to buy a balance machine, began to put into use, the problem came, how to choose the balance machine speed?

When choosing the speed of the balancing machine, there are many factors to consider. Some people think that the balance in the calibration should be the actual work with the rotor when the speed is consistent, so often on the speed of the higher requirements. In fact, the rigid rotor, regardless of its actual working speed, or dynamic balance speed, are far below the critical speed of the rotor itself, so long as the "low speed" city to ensure the accuracy of dynamic balance requirements, the rotor in the actual work Speed conditions can still meet the required accuracy requirements. In general, most of the fan rotor are rigid rotor, usually in the low-speed balance will be able to achieve and ensure the use of fan rotor accuracy requirements.

If the speed selection is too high, the dynamic balancing machine in terms of starting power, operating time, lubrication and maintenance requirements are lower than the low speed. So as to ensure the accuracy of the premise as far as possible in the lower speed dynamic balance check. So generally for the calibration of the rigid rotor balancing machine, usually I did not call it "low-speed dynamic balancing machine."

Dynamic balancing machine specification provides a "dynamic balance speed", which means that the dynamic balancing machine in the dynamic balance check when the speed. General dynamic balancing machine has "fixed speed" and "stepless" speed two. The former means that the dynamic balancing machine can only be in the specified speed under the dynamic balance check, such as 300r / min or 600r / min and so on. The latter means that the balancing machine can be arbitrarily selected in a wide speed range, such as 180-2800r / min, which means that the dynamic balancing machine can be carried out at 180r / min-2800r / min at any speed.