The Characters Flexible Rotor Balance And Test Machines Have To Have

Reducing or eliminating the dynamic pressure of the support does not necessarily reduce the bending deformation of the rotor. The apparent bending deformation will have a detrimental effect on the structure, strength and workability of the rotor. Balancing machine rotor speed is often more than its own critical speed, dynamic balancing machine used in many high speed and large rotary machines. These rotors in the process of rotation will be a significant deformation, dynamic deflection, which causes or exacerbates the vibration of its support. Due to the appearance of the dynamic deflection, the imbalance of the rotor is complicated, that is, the imbalance caused by the elastic deformation of the rotor is increased except for the unevenness caused by the uneven distribution of the mass, and the latter changes with the working speed according to the complex law. Thus, the unbalanced mass of the rotor varies with the dynamic pressure caused by the bearing and the shape of the elastic deformation of the rotor as the operating speed of the rotor changes. A well-balanced rotor at a certain speed cannot be guaranteed to be balanced at other speeds.

Horizontal Balancing Machines

The unbalance amount will not rigid changes in rotating speed range and the critical speed vibrations can be controlled. The driven method has to accelerate the rotor to a critical speed rapidly. The stiffness of pedestal and bearings should be strong in eliminating machine vibrations or interrupt the rotating. The measuring unit should have sensitivity guaranteed.


While, JP Balancing Machines integrated all the characters into belt driven horizontal balancing machine. The corresponding machine actions will fulfill the requirements and result a valuable consequence for factories.