The Descaling Method Of Three Kinds Of Balancing Machine Impeller

  The Descaling method of three kinds of balancing machine impeller

  After the balance machine is used for a period of time, there will be a layer of dirt on the impeller, which affects the use of the balancer. The common balance machine descaling methods mainly include high-pressure gas descaling, continuous blow cleaning and water spraying descaling.

  I. High PRESSURE gas descaling

  The system uses a similar structure to the sprinkler system, but its piping is a high-pressure pipeline, a special nozzle and a high-pressure gas source. This device for the removal of the blade is fast and effective, it can be in the normal shutdown of the lead fan gap, open high-pressure gas source, only a few 10 seconds to complete the descaling. Because the operation is simple and convenient, can carry on many times a day, not only solves the manual descaling laborious, time-consuming problem, but also obviously reduces the entire unit production cost. The question is whether the user has a ready-made high-pressure gas source (pressure between 0. Inter 1.5MPa, can use compressed air or nitrogen), otherwise, the need for dedicated high-pressure compressor equipment.

  Second, the continuous blowing of air to remove dirt:

  Structurally speaking, the continuous purge device does not require an external gas source, it uses the exhaust pressure of the fan itself, a small amount of flue gas (rated air flow $number) from the inside of the draft fan to the special nozzle, the nozzle is located in the impeller imports, at a very high rate of smoke cough to the blade of the non working surface, this blow sweep is a continuous, it with the introduction of the fan started, not only will just stick to the blade dust blown off, but also to prevent dust deposition thickening, and no downtime to remove dirt. The device has a simple structure, a small amount of change to the draft fan and a very good anti-scaling effect, which is a new technology with great development.

  III. Water spraying and descaling:

  This is a commonly used descaling method, water spray system installed in the fan shell, from the pipeline, 3 nozzles located in the impeller exit, 2 at the entrance and drainage holes. Water is generally water, pressure is about 0.3MPa. This method is usually effective. The disadvantage is that each downtime to remove the scale of a long time, the monthly need to stop several times to remove the scale. affect the normal use of the unit.