The Difference Between The Soft And Hard Support Parts Of The Balancing Machine

  The difference between the soft and hard support parts of the balancing machine

  For some machines, some parts are very important. Different parts have different functions, the balance machine is the same. In the parts of the balancing machine, supporting parts is critical. For a balancing machine, its supporting parts are provided by both soft and hard support parts.

  Compared to the two, soft support balancing machine swing frame is relatively soft, in the drive shaft start and stop the process, soft support swing frame will have very obvious vibration, hard support of the pendulum is not this phenomenon.

  Balancing machine is used to measure the unbalance of the rotor instrument, balancing machine is a hard support balancing machine, the rigidity of the pendulum is very large, the unbalance of the rotor is corrected by the measuring result of the dynamic balancing machine, so that the vibration generated by the rotor rotates or the vibration acting on the bearing is reduced to the permissible range to reduce the vibration, improve the performance and improve the quality of the product.

  In theory, the soft support balancer can get a higher test precision. But it is only distinguishable in extremely sophisticated tests. For the drive shaft balancer, the precision of the hard support is far beyond the actual need. If it is found that the accuracy of a shaft balancer cannot meet the requirements, it must be the result of other factors. In the factors that affect the accuracy of balance, soft and hard support is only a trivial factor.

  The above is the balance machine soft hard support parts of the difference, I hope you can understand.