The Importance Of Rotor Balancing To The Motor

Why the rotor need to do dynamic balance

As the rotor in the manufacturing process and assembly process, the final assembly of the rotor can not always do the full axis of symmetry of power (known as shaft eccentricity), so there is a certain amount of unbalance. This imbalance is often called the original imbalance

rotor balan-n1.png

Accuracy of dynamic balancing machine requirements

The minimum remaining balance of unbalance is the smallest remaining unbalance that can be achieved when the balancer balances the rotor and is a measure of the highest balancing capability of the balancing machine.

To make rotor balancing accuracy is high (that is, the remaining amount of unbalance is small), we must try to exclude the factors that affect the accuracy of imbalance

The importance of two station automatic balancing machines

Due to the unbalanced force, if not corrected, the rotating equipment has a strong destructive, not only damage to the bearing support, will also cause the machine foundation cracking, weld cracking, at the same time due to imbalance caused by too large The amplitude of the resulting product quality decline due to the centrifugal force generated by the imbalance depends on the rotor speed and focus on the weight.

Motor Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine - Rotor Dynamic Balance Method

After rotor dynamic balancing measurement, according to the need for the rotor .we can use add-weight method and weight-removal method to balance the rotor.Motor contains high-speed rotation rotor, so it must be vigilant balance, and its dynamic balance index related to the overall quality of the motor