The Importance Of Vertical Balancing Machines In Production

The Importance of Vertical Balancing Machines in Production

 Vertical Balancing Machines is a basic problem that must be solved in the production and manufacture of small motor rotor (such as electric tool rotor product, which has great influence on the working performance, service life and quality of the motor.Especially the current motor products to the efficient, High-precision, high-speed and high reliability of the direction of development, which is a small motor rotor dynamic balance requirements become more prominent.Marrel rotor dynamic balancing process has manual and automatic points. Hand trade balance is obvious shortcomings. However, the domestic self-Vertical Balancing Machines market for a long time for foreign manufacturers (such as Germany Schenck, Japan DsK and high technology, etc.) possession.Therefore, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the whole vertical balance machine is very important. University for the domestic characteristics of small motor rotor, specifically developed for the domestic motor rotor production process level, with completely independent intellectual property rights of the whole vertical balance machine, a series of key technologies for its research.

The current mainstream from the Vertical Balancing Machines are used to detect and re-separation of the multi-station mode, between the station with a robot to carry the rotor. The basic working process is: the rotor accelerates the unbalance test a rotor deceleration one according to the unbalance to automatically locate a rotor to carry an unbalance to cut off the weight. The steps in the process overlap, but the common requirement is to control the rotational speed of the rotor so that it can accelerate and decelerate as quickly as possible, and after the test is completed, the unbalanced position at the first cutting surface is facing down, Positioning cutting. In order to improve the production efficiency, it is generally not permissible to apply a retroreflective sheet as a key phase reference on each rotor, which requires the rotor to find a relative reference during the unbalance test and to use the relative reference to automatically position the rotor.

How to operate the vertical balancer correctly

1, check the tire pressure, as necessary to fill the specified value, remove the measured wheels on the soil, stones and old balance block.

2, the wheel automatically stops pressing the stop button and manipulate the brake device to stop the wheel, from the indicator device to read the wheel inside and outside the unbalance and unbalanced position.

3, measure the rim width L with the caliper, the diameter of the rim D, measure the distance from the edge of the rim to the chassis by the scale on the Vertical Balancing Machines, and then use the key or selector knob to align the measured value. With the control device

4, put down the wheel shield, press the start button, wheel rotation, balance test start, automatically collect data.

5. Select the cone according to the size of the center hole of the rim. Install the wheel with the large pitch nut tight; open the wheel balance machine power switch, check whether the indication panel is correct with the control device.