The Problem Of Pump Impeller Imbalance Has Solved-Pump Impeller Automatic Drilling Balancing Machine

The impeller is an important part of the centrifugal pump, so the impeller is good or bad determines the quality of the centrifugal pump. In accordance with the mechanical structure of the impeller can be divided into three types: closed impeller, semi-open impeller, open impeller, these three structures also have different uses, semi-closed and open impeller is suitable for transporting suspensions containing solid particles This is the foam pump and other pumps. The efficiency of this kind of pump is low; the closed impeller is suitable for conveying clean liquid.

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When the pump is doing dynamic balancing, it should be done together with the entire rotor components, the impeller is replaced, the balance point has changed, and it needs to be re-aligned. After balancing, mark the position of each part and then assemble the entire pump so that the effect of balancing can be achieved.


Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancing Machine adopts the electric measurement system advanced by Jianping, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 kinds of support methods, plus the addition of weight, positive and negative can be flexibly customized, using multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, shifting No skipping, double filtering of software and hardware, high-speed data compression, stabler, more accurate and faster measurement, specialization of the calibration interface is more convenient for maintenance, up to a maximum of 10 segments can be calibrated, real-time verification of the calibration coefficient, and The system linear graph, the measurement shows the balance quantity and the angle unit can be self-defining, the display precision can also be arbitrarily customized, realizing the unit real-time conversion, in order to meet the different customer's demand.

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JP balancing machine the sudden emergence of the auto parts industry is nothing new. The balance of auto parts is getting more and more attention. If there is such a fully automatic balancing machine, it can make the balance simple and fast, and does not need to artificially go heavy and so on. Is it better to improve the balance of efficiency?