The Right Choice - Jianping Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancing Machine

Auto parts are the units that make up the car as a whole and the products that serve the car.

In 1885, German Carl invented the car, making people realize for the first time what it is called "the machine that changes the world." Just today, the trend of mergers and acquisitions between the international auto parts industry intensified and intensified the trend of the auto parts industry is very optimistic.

But the quality of auto parts has become a big problem, we need to balance the measurement of auto parts, a fully automatic balancing machine was born, allowing people to effortlessly be able to improve the balance of efficiency.
This successful research and development is, Jianping vertical drilling automatic balancing machine.

Jianping vertical drilling automatic balancing machine upgrade journey

As a well-known high-end balancer brand in China, Shanghai Jianping Vertical drilling Automatic Balancing Machine has experienced three major changes from the beginning of its production and R & D.

Whether it is a connected car clutch between a car engine and a gearbox or a car flywheel that holds a power accumulator in a car engine or a pulley that is an important part of power transmission can be completed using a Jianping A1LZ1 vertical drilling automatic balancing machine Balance check.

Jianping vertical drilling automatic balancing machine after two major innovations, the most direct change in appearance, the appearance is more with a strong sense of three-dimensional, and ergonomic design allows the operator to operate more balanced machine more Smooth and comfortable. New upgraded electrical measurement system can store more measurement data, and the measurement system is more advanced, to better ensure the balance accuracy.

Application range

This machine is widely used in automotive clutch pressure plate, flywheel, pulley, pump impeller balance correction.

The machine adopts the latest technology of Shanghai Jianping. The workpieces are all automated from the aspects of balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling, de-weighing and retesting. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient application and high precision; and is suitable for small and medium batch production.

1. Manual loading and unloading
2.15 inch touch screen
3. Balancing machine advanced measure
ment software
4. Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic retest
5. The workpiece can be more than two times to re-amend
6. Steel machine structure design, high service life

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