The Role Of Pump Impeller

Pump impeller is the prime mover mechanical energy directly to the liquid, to increase the liquid static pressure and kinetic energy to increase the static pressure. Impeller generally has 6 to 12 piece slides. The pump impeller rotates through the motor, causing the vacuum to flow in the middle of the impeller. The water will flow into the vacuum (the impeller will keep the water inhaled), and then the water will be discharged through the high-speed rotating impeller to act.

 Pump Impeller

Pump impeller classification
1, impeller structure type: Impeller structure is divided into four categories: leaf type (open, closed), swirl, flow channel, (including single and double flow) spiral centrifugal four, open Semi-open impeller manufacturing convenience, when the impeller caused by plugging, you can easily clean and repair.
2, swirl impeller: the type of impeller pump, because the impeller part or all of the pressure from the pressure chamber flow channel. So no clogging performance is good, the ability of particles and long fiber through the strong ability.
3, closed impeller: the type of impeller normal high efficiency. And in the long-term operation of the situation is relatively stable, the use of the type of impeller pump axial force is small, and can be set on the front and rear cover sub-leaf.
4, the flow path impeller: the impeller is no leaf of the impeller, the impeller is a flow from the inlet to the outlet of a curved flow channel. Anti-blocking good, from the performance point of view, the type of impeller efficiency and ordinary closed impeller is not much difference, the power curve is relatively stable, difficult to produce super power problem.
5, spiral centrifugal impeller: the impeller blades for the twisted spiral blade, in the cone-shaped hub body from the suction port in the axial extension. The impeller pump and the role of the volume pump and centrifugal pump, suspended particles in the leaves flow, do not hit any part of the pump, so good for good.

 Vertical Automated Balancing Machines

Pump impeller automatic balancing machine and what is the function?
Impeller, as a core component of the pump, is the main factor affecting the efficiency of the pump, the impeller through the motor drive rotation, the media (water) received centrifugal force or lifting force, so that the media has mechanical kinetic energy. Under certain operating conditions, if the impeller design is not good or there is no good balance of stability, the pump inlet and leaves in water will loss space. The pump impeller automatic balancing machine will be able to pump balm to provide a balanced check, to improve its stability, quality improvement. This machine is widely used in automobile pump impeller balance correction. The machine adopts the latest technology, the work piece from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and re-test, all the implementation of automation; with simple operation, easy to use, high precision. Suitable for small and medium production.