These Functions Of The Automotive Flywheel Balancing Machine, Do You Know A Few?

How the car flywheel works

The automotive flywheel is a wheel-shaped accumulator having a large moment of inertia mounted on the rotary shaft of the machine. When the speed of the machine increases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel increases and the energy is stored. When the speed of the machine decreases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel decreases and the energy is released. The flywheel can be used to reduce the speed fluctuations of the mechanical operation.

The role of the engine flywheel

After everyone has a certain understanding of the working principle of the car engine flywheel, what is the role of the engine flywheel?
First of all, make the engine work smoothly. This is the most important function of the flywheel. The main function of the flywheel is to store the energy and inertia outside the power stroke of the engine.
Secondly, it can be used to reduce the speed fluctuation of the engine running process. When the engine starts, the starter motor works.


Flywheel automatic balancing machine - flywheel is more stable and the car is more comfortable to drive

The automotive flywheel is indeed a not-so-known small part, but its role and its popularity are very different. In order for this small part to play its unique role, it is necessary to use the professional balance detection equipment of the flywheel automaitc balancing machine to perform auxiliary inspections.

In order to make the balance more economical, JP balancing machine has now taken this step, combining the advantages of the flywheel automatic balancing machine with a very high price/performance ratio. Even small batches of automated balancing processes are beneficial.

Flywheel automatic balancing machine adopts the latest technology of Shanghai Jianping, the workpiece from the balance of measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and retest, all automated; with simple operation, application of convenient, high precision characteristics; suitable for small and medium-sized production.


1.Manual loading or unloading
2.12 inch touch screen
3.Advanced balancing software
4.Automatic measuring,drilling and retesting
5.Twice correction or more can be excuted by removing-weight
6.Rigid bed-structure design ensures long service life