This State-of-the-art Balancing Instrument-JP DM-3

Our Portable Field Balancing machine Instrumentation System is a balancing instrument for in situ (in-place) field balancing of all types of rotating equipment such as fans, blowers, ventilators, motors, etc.

 DM-3 balancing machine.png

The easy-to-use, graphical software guides the user through both one-plane and two-plane balancing. Our field balancer includes all necessary components: tranducers, accelerometers, magnets, photocell, software, tablet, electronic interface, cables and carrying case.


Features and Benefits

1.Field balancer is portable,more convenient to carry

2.Work piece needn't do disassembly

3.Checking balance on field

4.Do overall balance with much higher accuracy.

Range of Application

Field balancer Mainly used in the fan industry, power plants, cement plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, machine tool spindles industry, paper rolls, centrifuges, automotive testing equipment, water pumps, grinding wheel and other rotating machinery applications.


Portable Balancing Machine-Field Balancers.png

Easily prints professional reports to your external printer (printer not included).

Stores rotor information with the ability to print out all balancing reports. Reports are computer based so they can be emailed, attached to reports, etc