Tire Expo 2019

August 19th to 21st, 2019. Jp Balancing Machine “debuted” at the 17th China International Tire Expo, the automatic balancing machine for tire and wheel assembly line was exhibited at booth 2613 of Hall 2 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. From more than 100 Tens of thousands of elites from various countries participated in the exhibition. Visitors from the Shanghai Jianping booth were continually acclaimed, and they were applauded by manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

The International Tire Expo aims to achieve the goal of Chinese companies not to sell their products to the world, and to provide overseas exhibitors with a platform to gather a large number of buyers from all over the world, including domestic high-quality tires and related products. Jp Balancing Machine debut with the tire and wheel assembly line automatic balancing machine, once again demonstrated the strength of Shanghai Jianping and the achievements in the detection of tire and wheel dynamic balance. Participants in the exhibition stopped at the Jianping booth in Shanghai to learn about the automatic balancing machine for tires and wheel lines, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Jp Balancing Machine exhibited a fully automatic balancing machine for tires and wheel lines at the Expo.
1. High level of intelligence, can be connected to the upper production line or single line operation
2. Wide application range, can adapt to the production of various commercial vehicles and passenger wheel hubs
3. Comprehensive measurement function, automatic measurement of dynamic balance and end face and runway runout
4. Automatically mark the balance point stamping, automatically sorting qualified and non-conforming products, with the advantages of convenient operation, compact structure and simple changing, so that the dynamic balance of auto parts can realize fully automated production, reduce labor and improve production efficiency. .

Since then, Jp Balancing Machine has focused on casting brand products and has never stopped pioneering. In the "debut" of the Expo, it has once again proved that auto parts are moving. The field of balancing machine is taking off. The road is long and the road is long. I will go up and down. In the future, we will continue to revitalize fresh energy in the field of dynamic balancing machine, and provide dynamic balance detection for major auto parts manufacturers. Program!