Treadmill Motor Automatic Balancing Machine

In daily life, the treadmill has become a more common fitness tool for the family and the gym. It is also a simpler type of home exercise equipment. The number of people using the treadmill is increasing. As the demand for people increases, the treadmill motor The wear and tear consumption also increases, so a good motor can drive the treadmill to operate, so the motor must have a good balance accuracy. If there is no good balance, it will cause vibration of the whole machine and a certain part. Balancing the vibration will cause the treadmill parts to have texture and smoothness, which will directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, balance is needed to help the weight of the treadmill motor to be different, thus reducing


running. The unbalanced vibration of the machine motor during the rotating operation extends the service life of the equipment, and the importance of dynamic balance can be imagined.

Shanghai Jianping is a fully automatic balancing machine for treadmill motors produced by the treadmill industry. This automatic balancing machine is mainly used for dynamic balance correction of motor finishing. After the overall dynamic balance correction, the automatic series balancing machine The equipment can effectively reduce vibration caused by components.

Treadmill motor automatic balancing machine, the operation steps of this series of automatic balancing machine are simple and easy to use, can balance and correct different power motors, so there are more manufacturers and maintenance plants.