Treadmill Motor Automatic Balancing Machine By JP

DC motor is safer. It usually does not need too much maintenance. Some kinds of noise are smaller than AC type, and the output is also stable. Generally, treadmills for household use are more suitable, but DC motors are not frustrated for a long time. Exercise, so normal home application is no problem, AC motor, generally can be a long time action, the output capacity is strong, because the movement time is long, the output ability is also strong, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance This kind of sound is too large. This kind of motor is suitable for industrial use and gym treadmills. The purpose is to be able to continue the action for a long time. Generally, the treadmills for home use are almost all DC motors.


However, if you want a motor with good balance accuracy, you must perform dynamic balance detection. Otherwise, the vibration of the whole part and some parts will occur. The vibration will corrugate the parts and reduce the overall visibility. Not only that, but also It will affect the instability of telecontrol. In severe cases, the quality of the product will drop drastically. Then the fully automatic balancing machine of the treadmill motor is mainly for the dynamic balance of the motor. After considering the balance accuracy requirements of the whole component, the fully automatic balance Machines are also effective in reducing and eliminating unbalanced vibrations caused by bearing and part errors.

So why do treadmill motors need to do balance?


During the whole process of component rotation, the noise caused by the unbalanced vibration will also make the user feel uncomfortable. The poor quality of the small motor will directly affect the sales of the whole treadmill. The importance of dynamic balance to the treadmill motor is that the weight of the treadmill motor is unevenly measured, so that the treadmill motor reduces the imbalance when rotating, thereby increasing the component itself. The service life and user experience, which is why the balance is done.
 Our hard-bearing bracket system is specially designed by us, so that the range of measurement is improved, the fault is reduced, and the fixture is also customized. In order to make the overall dynamic balance faster detection and operation, better coordination Automatic de-weighting, developed a fast chuck tight. This effectively detects the weight loss of the product.
Jp treadmill motor automatic balancing machine, this automatic balancing machine equipment is easy to operate, the display data display is intuitive and easy to understand, better balance different power motors, so many manufacturers have cooperated at present, Gained a lot of promotion