Troubleshooting Of JP Balancing Machine

Balancer machine troubleshooting
The balance machine's requirement for unbalanced workpieces exceeds the ability of the balancer itself to reach the remaining unbalanced amount, that is, the balance accuracy of the balancing machine cannot satisfy the needs of the workpiece balance.
Through the balanced rotor, there will be significant oscillations in actual operation, which is not caused by the imbalance of the rotor itself, but because of the high harmonicity of the rotor supporting the journal in the ellipse or the difference in the stiffness of the rotor layout. Wave, the oscillation caused by electromagnetic excitation, the influence of the vortex flow caused by the blade rotor during the rotation process, the resonance of the system, etc. Because the other equipment connected to the grid frequently generates the influence of power supply shake and noise or the beat frequency disturbance caused by the diameter of both the support roller and the rotor journal. The difference between the diameter of the roller and the journal size of the workpiece should be greater than 20%.
Because the balancing machine verifies the shaftless rotor and the technical mandrel itself is unbalanced or the coaxiality of the mandrel device and the support is inaccurate, and the core shaft and the rotor cooperate with the gap error to form a balanced rotor. A large imbalance occurs when the school is installed or used.