Turbocharger Rotor Balancer Machine For Your Car

Turbocharger rotor balancing machine is driven by the loop belt to ensure the balance of quality and accuracy of the workpiece, with loading and unloading convenient, fast start, high efficiency and other characteristics of the balancing machine.Turbocharged car four bright spots, causing major car manufacturers attention
1.Fuel-efficient It offers greater power and torque at lower displacement compared to conventional engines. For small displacement superchargers, it is based on small displacement engine conditions, increasing engine potential closer to the lowest possible Fuel consumption conditions. In this case, it is also guaranteed that the maximum power increases by 40% or more compared to when no turbocharger is installed.
2. Environmental protection. Did not improve the displacement, but a more powerful impetus. After the turbocharger, the pressure of the intake air is increased, the oxygen content is increased, the combustion is more violent, the power is greater, but the amount of oil consumed is not increased.
3. Driving experience better. Nowadays, families generally have a car in their home. Our requests for cars are also slowly rising from comfort to comfort. After the supercharger to make driving more comfortable, especially when running at high speed, you have to admire the high power.
4. Government policy support. Under the same power consumption and displacement have decreased, the small displacement turbine prices will be lower, more to meet the choice of contemporary urban youth.

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Turbocharger into a trend, supercharger rotor balancing machine homeopathic rise
In fact, turbochargers in many racing events has been fiery incredibly, because the power supply can really be described as Guards, in order to make the car more in line with the nature of competitive sports, such as F1 can only be the last to prohibit the use of booster The way to control the device. Now, through technological innovation and development, turbocharger can already be applied to the field of civilian vehicles, from the public to the general public slowly.
Turbocharger operating temperature is very high, even in today's technology, the turbocharger temperature frequently up to seven or eight Baidu, and in order to make the turbocharger to better operation, it is inseparable from the supercharger Hard work of the rotor.
In order to create a more secure and stable supercharger, turbocharger rotor balancing machine is favored by many supercharger manufacturers.

 turbocharger rotor balancing machine

Shanghai Jianping provide turbocharger special dynamic balancing machine, can be below 16KG various types of vehicle turbocharger rotor balancing correction, not only that, this turbocharger rotor balancing machine Widely used in balancing turbocharger, turbocharger impellers,turbocharger compressors ,turbocharger turbines etc ., auto-positioning bed,17inch LCD screen,large tool carriage structure and dedicated soft bearing bracket,driven by Nylon belt ,with higher precision.

Turbocharger rotor balancing machine balance correction ability for all to see, to create a stable and balanced car market harmony is inseparable from the development and progress of upstream and downstream industries, Jianping balancing machine will continue to develop innovation, with a more complete product to achieve self value.