Two-station Automatic Balancing Machine

Each type of machine rotates around the centerline of the shaft. It is called the rotor. The uniform mass distribution of the rotor, the entire process from the manufacturing process to the installation must be qualified, so as to ensure that the operation is balanced, in a better situation. Under the pressure of the support bearing, there is no external force other than the gravity of the rotor. When the rotor is not rotating, only static pressure is present at this time. Most of the components during rotation are mostly unbalanced. Static imbalance, this is called dynamic imbalance


Shanghai Jianping has produced various types of miniature rotor dynamic balancing machines for many years, from ordinary balancing machines to two-station motor rotor automatic balancing machines, etc. to help the motor reduce unbalanced vibration and reduce the noise during operation, then the motor rotor is not There are many factors for balance. In terms of two types, one is because of differences in design and manufacturing, such as the uneven structure of the rotor, the error and deformation during production and processing, and the error of cutting. It is the problem of material. If the thickness of the material is not uniform, it will cause the main vibration and noise of the motor. Jianping has accumulated many years of experience in dynamic balance, and the products have been sold to all fields in the world.


This two-station motor rotor automatic balancing machine, for the rotor industry, the electric measurement system is diversified, the balance of movement and static, the support method has more than 10 kinds, and the positive and negative reversal can be flexibly formulated when the weight is increased. Then the precision in measurement is high, multiple calibration combinations, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, no skip shifting, dual filtering hardware, data can be compressed, so the measurement is stable, accurate, fast, and the specific correction parameters are detailed in the official website. center