Two-station Automatic Balancing Machine System Composition A

The two-station automatic balancing machine structure consists of dynamic balance measurement, de-duplication two stations and robot conveyor. The function of the measuring station is to measure the magnitude and phase of the unbalance amount on the two correction plane of the rotor, and stop the rotor on the phase of one of the correction surface unbalances (the unbalance amount of the correction surface of the rotor is vertically downward). The function of the de-weight station is to correct the unbalance amount on the two correction surfaces of the rotor, and use milling or drilling to de-weight. The robot conveyor is responsible for measuring and de-duplicating the rotor at two stations.


The working process is as follows: measuring and de-weight two stations in same processing, the rotor of the measuring station task is transferred to the de-duty station for de-duty, and the rotor completed by the de-weight task is transmitted to the measuring station for testing, which meets the balance requirement. Then, remove it and replace it with a new rotor. Otherwise, it will be transferred to the de-weight station for 2 times to remove the weight. If it exceeds 3 times, it will not meet the requirements, that is, it will be discarded and replaced with a new rotor. Loop in this way