Understand The Sequence Of Operation Of The New Balancing Machine

  Understand the sequence of operation of the new balancing machine

  There are many manufacturers in order to buy a balance machine, looked at the market and see, pick and pick, choose another election, and finally a new balance machine to buy back. Then we have to know its order of use. But if it is a novice to operate, then there must be a lot of balancing machines do not understand the place, so you can not start. Xiaobian to the following summary of the balance of the operation of the order, we take a look at it

  1, before using the balance machine to understand the contents of the manual, see the scope of the balance machine, performance parameters, to determine whether the balance of the rotor to adapt, should be the correct lifting, installation, operation and maintenance, so that In order to ensure the maximum efficiency and service life of the balancing machine.

  2, each and the balance of people working together should be familiar with the contents of technical information. Balancing machine operators must be familiar with the safety code, the type of professional and technical procedures and operating procedures, and strictly abide by the implementation of the work, the work must be checked by the equipment inspection equipment, according to the provisions of lubrication chart oil.

  3, the balancing machine operator should be fully aware of the safety and danger, to comply with operational instructions. The negligence of security must be eliminated immediately.

  4, there are adequate personal protection measures, with the increase in the process of unbalanced correction must be brought to work gloves, to avoid wearing a tie, loose clothes, jewelry and leave long hair.

  5, in the balance machine operation process, no one can stay in the danger zone. Only those who have been properly instructed can stay in the machine's work area.

  6, in the balance operation, the unknown balance of the rotor, you should first select the minimum speed can be measured unbalanced, and then use a higher speed to check.

  7, verify the regular calibration machine information. Found that the equipment is running abnormally high, such as high consumption, unstable speed, temperature rise or vibration, abnormal noise or odor, measurement device error, may directly or indirectly lead to personal injury or property damage should immediately turn off the machine, Maintenance or maintenance personnel.

  The above seven steps is the balance of the operating steps, the novice to see more, so as to quickly get started to operate.