Vertical Balancing Machines Has Changed The Hidden Dangers Of The Train

The Vertical Balancing Machines has changed the hidden dangers of the train

Vertical balancing machine has changed to train brings hidden trouble vertical balancing machine is the instrument used to measure the rotor imbalance, correction, according to the measurement to improve the balance of the rotor weight distribution, the vibration of the rotor shaft neck during operation or reduce the force acting on the bearing to the specified range. Recently, the application of the vertical balance machine has changed the problem for the train, so let's take a look at it.

According to vertical dynamic balancing machine media described: with ever increasing speed railway, maintenance of various railway section put forward higher request, the wheel is an important part of the train operation system, the accumulation of wheel unbalance in running, is also one of key factors on the car body vibration. Larger vibration cause analysis of vehicles, mainly due to wheel on dynamic balance value, eccentricity and limit excessive wheel diameter of the same character, the same wheel to wheel diameter and eccentricity must be strictly controlled within the standard requirements.

Vertical balancing machine proofreading workpiece unbalanced demand more than the minimum vertical balancing machine itself can be up to the amount of unbalance, namely the balance of the vertical balancing machine precision is not satisfied with the workpiece demand balance.

Through the balance of the rotor in practice can present significant oscillation, this is not caused by unbalanced rotor itself, but because of the rotor axis stiffness on the neck into elliptical or rotor layout leads to the difference between a higher harmonic, occurring in the course of electromagnetic encourage cause oscillation, with rotor blades, the influence of the spinning process were angry vortex system resonance, etc. Because other devices connected to the grid has been forming the power to shake, and the influence of noise or for roller bearing frame and rotor shaft neck diameter near the beat frequency occurring in the course of trouble. The difference between roller diameter and workpiece axis should be greater than 20%.

For vertical calibration without shaft rotor balancing machine using the technology core shaft itself imbalance or core shaft gear and bearing alignment error, error as well as the cooperation of core shaft and rotor gap formed after the balance of the rotor in the repeated loading school or when they use and larger imbalance.

A vertical balance machine is a machine that measures the size and position of a rotating object. Vertical balancing machine according to the measured data of rotor unbalance correction, can improve the quality of the rotor axis relative to the distribution, the vibration of the rotor spins or reduce the effect on the bearing vibration into the permitted range. Therefore, the vertical balance machine is an essential equipment for reducing vibration, improving performance and improving quality.

Typically, the balance of the rotor including unbalance measurement and correction of two steps, vertical balancing machine is mainly used for measuring unbalance, and the unbalance correction is often with the aid of drilling machine, milling machine and other auxiliary equipment such as spot welder, or use the manual method.

Some Vertical Balancing Machines has made calibration devices a part of the vertical balancing machine.