Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancing Machine

Automobile clutch platen.The automobile clutch pressure plate is an important structure on the clutch, and its purpose is to make the car play a very important role in safe driving.
The main function of the clutch is to provide pressure to the friction plates of the clutch, so as to achieve clutch disengagement and engagement. When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate tends to press the friction plate of the clutch tightly, and the engine power is transmitted to the friction plate through the friction plate. When the clutch platen rotates around the axis of the transmission input shaft, the centrifugal force is generated when the mass distribution is uneven in the corresponding axial direction. At this time, if the unbalanced centrifugal force is large enough, it will cause unbalanced vibration and unbalanced vibration. More problems arise, such as noise, bearing acceleration damage, and directly affect the overall performance life of the clutch.

With the rapid development of the auto parts industry, the dynamic balance of auto parts has attracted a lot of attention. Only balance can ensure the safe driving of cars. In order to better serve customers in various industries, Jianping has launched this Auto clutch pressure plate automatic balancing machine can realize the production of small and medium batch production. It can measure the dynamic balance of each workpiece with dynamic balance check, position the angle, and go back to the retest to realize the automatic production. mode.

This vertical drilling automatic balancing machine can also be applied to the detection and correction of the impeller dynamic balance of the flywheel, pulley and water pump of the steam.
Dynamic balance is a product that needs to be tested for dynamic balance. The balance of products can improve the user's good experience and at the same time extend the life cycle of the product.