Warm Winter, Heater Manufacturers | Heaters Balance Machine

The weather turned cold, heating has become everyone's "essential goods", of course,it is the same with owner! But do you really understand the car heater?


The correct method  is to give the engine warmer, and so the vehicle water temperature rose to normal values and then open the air conditioning, depending on the external environment to decide whether to follow the external loop.


There are some friends will say why I opened the car ,but heating fuel consumption has increased, in fact, because you also open the A / C key, the result is that you open the air conditioning compressor, so it will increase the car fuel consumption, in fact, the heating of the car heater does not need to go through the compressor.


Why use a heater fan balancing machine to do balance for the car fan heater?


If you turn on hot wind, then the heater will work. inside the heater fan .it  has fan and the motor, In the case of work .it will create a certain speed, in order to protect the use of heaters and the use of comfort and comfort, heater manufacturers will balance the heat fan treatment. The balancing detection device is the car heater balancing machine.

Warm winter, heater manufacturers must have | heaters balance machine

in fact the structure of Car heaters  is not large, but it has taken to the car to bring the important role of warm air. Little body also contains great potential. And as a  rotating in the workpiece, the balancing of car heater is also can not be ignored. In the past, the car heaters are using a universal balancing machine to balance & detection, the Jp balancing machine developed car heater balancing machine

Well-designed electrical measurement system with a touch screen, intuitive to see the balancing of the workpiece, the data at a glance; specially designed bracket to adapt to the overall balance of the heater; in the cse of overall balance, the balance error can be reduced to A smaller range, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance.