We Are Back To Work-JP Balancing Machines

Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially resumed work on February 21. The current epidemic situation has not been eliminated. In order to ensure the health of employees and ensure the normal production of enterprises, Shanghai Jianping has made comprehensive epidemic protection
2020 The epidemic is now resumed, we are in action

▲ Strengthen knowledge of epidemic prevention and control


▲ Employees take body temperature into the factory


▲ Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of office and production areas


Love is not afraid of the wind, it is sunny after the storm! In the battle against the epidemic, we are united and united as one, and overcome the difficulties together!
In 2020, the progressive Shanghai Jianping will start again in the spring and work hard forward. Our steps never stop. Shanghai Jianping will devote itself to the production of dynamic balancing machines with fuller enthusiasm and a more solid style, and will provide our customers with professional dynamic balancing solutions wholeheartedly.