Welcome To ACREX 2018 In Bangalore India

JP balancing machine to promote the business cooperation and technology exchange platform between our company and Indian business, expand the Indian market. In order to provide better opportunities for face-to-face negotiations, we will organize a good sales, technology, after-sales team in new Delhi, India in 2018 at the international exhibition centre "ACREX".

ACREX JP Exhibition is going on!

JP in India, looking forward to a perfect encounter with you

Balancing machine for many years in the development, design, production as one of the Shanghai JP balancing machine manufacturing co., LTD., sword in the exhibition hall H3 E9 with various manufacturers to discuss technical issues, let more problems solved. In the exhibition, jianping will also bring the company's products. At that time, we will explain the relevant operation and explanation to the manufacturers, and welcome all manufacturers to visit.

Exhibition Name:ACREX 2018

Exhibition Date:Feb 22th-24th,2018
Exhibiton Location:Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

IndiaBooth No:Hall3 E9