What Are The Steps To Quickly Operate The Balancing Machine?

  What are the steps to quickly operate the balancing machine?

  The main performance of the balancing machine is expressed by the minimum achievable residual imbalance, and the unbalanced reduction rate, which is the minimum value of the residual unbalance of the rotor, which is the measure of the maximum balance of the balancer; The latter is the ratio of unbalanced reductions to initial unbalance after a correction, which is an indicator of equilibrium efficiency, generally expressed as a percentage.

  So what about the steps of the balancing machine? Let's take a look at it.

  (R1, r2, a, b, c, c) - Calculate the eccentricity and vibration size - to select the rotor shape - select the shape of the workpiece - press the ESC key - the main directory - select the rotor parameters - select the graphic shape - - input rotor parameters of each data - ESC - home directory - calibration - input calibration parameters (calculate the vibration size / r1 or r2 * (3-10 times) - with electronic balance measurement of two equal weight Calibration quality plus zero - start test (3 times) - to re-test (remove the increase test 3 times) - the computer automatically calculate the need to increase the quality and angle - to find the balance (by computer The proposed parameters in the workpiece to increase the test until the balance)

  The above is the balance of the rapid operation of the steps, hoping to help you. If you have any needs, please contact us. We will be happy to serve you. Look forward to working with you.