What Causes Turbine Balancing Machines To Be Unbalanced?

Many balance can be made universal turbo balancing machine speed, and high accuracy, convenient operation and high working efficiency. Is to adopt universal coupling transmission, let's look at the causes of turbine rotor unbalance balancing machine sizes what is right.

If the rotor exist in the process of processing or assembling error, will also change the rotor mass distribution, so as to destroy the balance of the rotor state. For example, the rotor and shaft neck axis misalignment, connecting screw different levels or crooked deformation caused by welding will cause the imbalance of the rotor. By above causes some degree of rotor imbalance, all distribution on the rotor unbalance vector and can be considered to be concentrated on the "main emphasis" of a vector, dynamic balancing is to determine the focus of the unbalanced rotor position and the size of a technology, then in the corresponding location remove or add a weight of the same size.
1) the asymmetric structure of Turbine Balancing Machines. The most typical example is the crankshaft, the asymmetric on the crankshaft structure is determined because of its characteristics. So design must be for crankshaft counterweight, before delivery also must do to each crankshaft balance test, remaining uneven measure only meet the requirements can be put into use.

2) raw materials or blank defects due to the material defects caused by the unbalance of the rotor is frequently encountered in mechanical engineering phenomenon. Such as uneven density of raw materials, such as porosity, loose sand holes and organization, the blank, such as uneven weld can cause the unbalance of the rotor.

3) error in rotor machining or assembly of Turbine Balancing Machines.

The importance of the balance of the Turbine Balancing Machines, rotor imbalance caused by the harm is various. When the rotor rotates, due to its imbalance will generate unbalanced centrifugal force, the force will cause the rotor bending deformation, stress, the deformation and internal stress causes the rotor fatigue, and even lead to the rotor fault; Will through the force bearing passed to stand, the machine equipment to produce vibration and noise, accelerate the bearing and seal wear and tear, reduce machine work precision and work efficiency, shorten the service life of the machine, sometimes even cause fracture with loose and component, which leads to the occurrence of major accidents, cause huge economic losses. Practice shows that the vibration of the motor, more than 30% of the failures are caused by the unbalance of the rotor itself quality. After dynamic balancing correction of the rotating parts, components, can eliminate and reduce mechanical vibration, prolong the service life of parts, reduce noise.

The Turbine Balancing Machines sometimes has minor glitches. But these failures, often leads to its does not work, not work roughly factor has to be the cause of the dynamic balance test artifacts, turbine balance machine equipment itself and the line environmental reasons.

A. circuit environment: voltage, current and turbine balance machine match.

B. causes of Turbine Balancing Machines itself: loose parts, damage and system failure.

C. Product reasons for calibration of dynamic balance detection: product parameters beyond the scope of detection of Turbine Balancing Machines, the product's own quality is not qualified.