What Is Mechanical Principle Of Rotor Dynamic Balance

When the rotor is unbalanced, it will cause the vibration of the whole machine, produce noise, accelerate the bearing wear, reduce the life of the machine, and even make the machine control failure, lead to serious accidents. In order to eliminate the imbalance of the rotor failure, the current production enterprises are equipped with a special dynamic balancing machine

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The importance of rotor dynamic balancingoperation

Due to the force generated by the unbalanced force, if not corrected, in the rotating equipment has a strong destructive, not only damage the bearing bearing, but also cause the machine base cracking, weld cracking, and due to imbalance caused by excessive Of the amplitude caused by poor product quality decline

The cause of the rotor imbalance

1. Assembly error, the quality of a part of the center line and the rotation of the center line does not coincide.
2. Cast stomata
3. Assembly error
4. semi-key problem
5. Rotor deformation, due to residual stress, uneven heating caused by rotor deformation.
6. There are deposits on the rotor
7. Uneven design, such as the motor rotor winding side and the other side is not uniform
Above reasons caused by a certain degree of imbalance in the rotor, distributed in the rotor on all the unbalanced vector and can be considered to be concentrated in the "focus" on a vector, dynamic balance is to determine the location and size of the unbalanced rotor A technique that then removes or adds a weight of the same size at its corresponding position

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Solve the problem of rotor imbalance to rely on it to ensure safe operation

1. Special designed brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force
2. The durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity
3. The permanent calibration brings high accuracy
4. Driven by universal coupling,transmit the power steadily
5. Applicable to rotors which can't be driven by belt or need large power
6. Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface
7.PHW series are applicable for blower, large-sized motor, pump, centrifuge, rubber roller, drying cylinder, internal-combustion engine etc
Rotor imbalance is the main exciting force of rotary machinery, especially high-speed rotary machinery. In the manufacturing process, the rotor balance is an indispensable process, in the field of running rotary machinery, such as fans, pumps, motors and turbo-generator sets,The main reason for its vibration is the rotor is not balanced, so the rotor balance is an important measure to eliminate the scene of the rotating mechanical vibration