What Is The Outer Rotor Wind Wheel And Why It Has To Be Balanced?

What is the outer rotor wind wheel?
Wind wheel is the wind turbine part to turn electric power into mechanical energy. It is the opposite of the traditional motor structure, the stator in the middle of the motor, the rotor is out. The outer rotor fan is directly deriving the structure of the impeller with high efficiency, low noise, light weight, more compact structure, installation and maintenance more convenient. External rotor wind turbine balancing machine, is such an important role in the outer rotor wind turbine to provide a balance check.


outer rotor wind wheel


Why it has to be balanced?
1. The quality of the outer rotor wind wheel is improved to achieve a longer service life;
2. The noise generated by the outer rotor wind wheel during operati on can be greatly reduced to eliminate the adverse effects of its noise;
3. To reduce the external rotor wind wheel in the work of the process of vibration, improve bearing life.
After the correction of the outer rotor wind turbine balancing machine, the overall quality of the wind wheel has a qualitative leap, and the operation is simple and quick.


self derive specially part balancing machine


Introduction to the Function of External Rotor Wind Turbine Balancing Machine.
Mainly used in the outer rotor of the overall balance of the wind, taking full account of the balance precision, as a result of bearing parts and assembly errors caused by unbalanced, improve product quality.
The use of convenient and efficient pneumatic fixture, improve work efficiency at the same time also has a large measurement range, the failure rate is very low. Although the outer rotor wind turbine balancing machine can indeed help the outer rotor wheel to enhance the life and quality, but the rotating work piece in the work will be due to a variety of thermal and centrifugal force of the impact of micro-deformation. So the user ends need to use to ensure its better service.