What Motor Producer Should Have

There are many factors that cause the motor to vibrate, but most of the motor shocks in the field are controlled by the dynamic balance of the rotor. Therefore, to improve the balance of the dynamic balance technology and the rotor to reduce the motor in the operation of the vibration to ensure the safe operation of the motor is of great significance. Motor rotor balancing ensures stable operation of the generator


Motor rotor balancing machines, its main function is to provide dynamic balance detection and correction for the motor generator rotor. In order to solve the unbalanced factors of automobile generator, we developed a motor rotor balancing machine for research and development of automobile generator rotor to help manufacturers solve rotor imbalance problem.

 motor balancing machine

Motor Rotor Balancing Machine - New Energy Series


Automotive new energy motor balancing is widely used in various types of small and medium motor rotor, impeller, roller and shaft and other rotating parts of the balance correction. Using the belt drive, with the frequency control motor drive to ensure the balance of rotor quality and accuracy. The use of the degree to improve the great work efficiency. Moving, static balance, support up to 10 kinds, plus weight, positive and negative can be customized, the measured value shows the combination of digital and vector graphics. All system parameters have information, including parameter definition and setting range, the calibration process has a full guide, you can establish a monitoring center, real-time monitoring of multiple balancing machine measurement status, and effective management of the data.

 Belt drive balancing machine

The quality of the car cannot be achieved without the improvement of the quality of each component, and now the car motor rotors have higher speed, so the rotor imbalance problem has been a lot of attention, hope that through the sword-developed motor rotor balance the machine can improve the imbalance of the motor rotor.