What Type Of Balancing Machine Is Better For Motor ?

What type of Balancing Machine is used to test the motor better? This first depends on the size of the motor rotor, speed and so on a series of parameters to select the Motor Balancing Machine. The reason for this choice is because the motor motor if the parameters of the difference is relatively large, you should use a different Balancing Machine, or test the effect we want. So, what kind of motor rotor we have to choose what kind of Balancing Machine to test, can not be suitable for testing the motor rotor big Balancing Machine machine to take the test motor rotor small motor, so the test results will be very accurate! So we just need to figure out some of the parameters of the rotor and the Balancing Machine machine should be able to know how to use different types of Balancing Machines to test the motor rotor dynamic Balancing Machine.

So it is not easy to choose a suitable Motor Balancing Machine to test the motor's dynamic Balancing Machine, not only to know the motor rotor size, speed and so on a series of parameters, but also according to the parameters to select the appropriate Balancing Machine To test, for many people is a very troublesome thing.

Balancing Machine drag the rotor of the drive in a way that has dragged, with drag and self-drive. Coupling is the use of universal joints will Balancing Machine the spindle and the rotor connected. Coupling drag is characterized by irregular appearance of the rotor, you can pass a larger torque, suitable for drag the fan and other large wind resistance of the rotor, the link drag the shortcomings of the coupling itself is the amount of imBalancing Machine The rotor has an effect (so the coupling is to be Balancing Machined before use), and the accuracy of the Balancing Machine affecting the Balancing Machine is introduced. In addition, a large number of connecting discs are required to accommodate different types of rotors. The belt is dragged by the use of a rubber endless belt or a silk endless belt, the rotor is dragged by the motor pulley, so the belt drag requires that the surface of the rotor must have a smooth cylindrical surface, the advantages of the band drag is not affect the rotor unBalancing Machine , High precision Motor Balancing Machine. Self-driving is the use of the rotor's own power to rotate. Self-driven is the smallest way to Balancing Machine the accuracy of the drag, the Balancing Machine of precision up to the highest, but only the structure allows a special rotor to use this drag.