When We Can Sure The Brake Disc Is Stable

Brake Disc

The position of the brake disc in the car:
1. Security
Brake system is to ensure the most important parts of traffic safety, in walking through the street, to ensure the reliability of frequent braking; in the steep slope to eliminate the impact of continuous braking caused by overheating; in the emergency brake, to ensure that the braking time and the braking distance is the shortest.
2. Braking comfort
Bad brakes, will produce the upper and lower jitter and pitch vibration, and some even in the ground after the taxi did not slide after the car, and some deviation, and some flick, are brake system instability performance.
3. Service life
In order to ensure safety and brake under the premise of the requirements of the brake side has a longer life, the brake is the kinetic energy instantly into heat and to absorb consumption. Car brake power can reach 5-7 times the operating speed, in a period of time with a cooling way to consume such a large kinetic energy, will obviously shorten the life of the friction pair. Brake disc center whole size, surface beating and brake surface thickness range of the need for a precise machine for testing, JP Balancing Machines Experienced more in the collection of a number of brake disc manufacturers of the problem, for the brake disc R & D to create a brake disc balancer.


Brake Disc Dynamic Balancing Machines


Development of Integrated Balancing Machine for Automatic Balancing Machine
Brake disc automatic balancing machine can balance from a few grams to a maximum of 35 kg diameter 450 mm disc-shaped work piece for the single-sided automatic balance of disc-shaped work piece correction, the use of JP balancing machine latest technology, brake disc work piece From the balance measurement, angle positioning, milling weight and re-test, all the implementation of automation.


1. Artificial loading and unloading
2. 15 inch touch screen
3. Equilibrium measurement software technology is advanced
4. Automatic measurement, automatic milling correction, automatic re-test
5. Steel structure design, high service life


The quality of the brake disc is related to the safety of the passengers and pedestrians. Brake discs are an important part of the brake system, a good brake disc, and brake stability at work, no noise, and no jitter. After the detection of the brake disc automatic balancing machine can clearly clear the brake disc unbalanced amount of position and size, and for the imbalance correction, thereby improving its stability, enhance the balance, and improve product quality.