Why Do Treadmill Motors Need To Be Balanced?

The electric treadmill is a high-level equipment in the gym and the family. It drives the running belt through the motor to make people run or move passively at different speeds.

The motor must be well balanced, otherwise it will cause vibration of the whole machine or components. The vibration not only causes the workpiece to corrugate, but also reduces the smoothness, which also causes the telecontrol instability, which seriously affects the product quality. The motor automatic balancing machine is mainly applied to the overall dynamic balance of the motor. After fully considering the balance accuracy of the whole assembly, the fully automatic series machine can effectively reduce and eliminate the vibration caused by the bearing and other components and assembly errors.


Why do treadmill motors need to do balance?

The vibration noise generated during the rotation process also makes the user feel uncomfortable. The treadmill motor quality is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the weight to deal with the uneven weight of a part of the treadmill motor, so that the treadmill motor Reduce vibration during rotation to increase service life and user experience. This is why it is necessary to balance.

The specially designed hard-supporting bracket system expands the measurement range and reduces the failure rate. Customized clamps can be applied to the overall dynamic balance due to the use of quick chuck fastening. The fast detection and calculation system, combined with the automatic de-weighting mechanism, effectively completes the detection and de-duplication of the product.

Now Shanghai Jianping develops and produces automatic motor balancing machine. Because of its easy operation and intuitive reading, it can balance the advantages of different power motors. Therefore, it has gained a lot of promotion in many manufacturers and equipment repair shops.